Dental Crowns and Dental Bridges at Markham Dental

A patient smiling at a dental appointment.

Did you know that having a great smile can lead to more financial prosperity and better relationships?

Your smile is one of the primary things people notice during a first impression – and we all know that first impressions matter. Whether it be for business or personal relationships, our team at Markham Dental can help you create an amazing smile so that you can make the most out of your career and relationships.

Key Benefits:

  • Increased confidence
  • Enhanced relationships
  • Make a better first impression

What we can do for your smile:

  • Straighten malaligned teeth
  • Permanently whiten discoloured teeth
  • Improve the shape and size of your teeth

Our Process

If you are looking for a smile makeover, everything starts with a consultation. During your consult, we will discuss the goals and desires for your smile. Our team will guide you through the design process by asking specific questions so that we fully understand what your dream smile looks like.

In your next visit, we will take a mold of your mouth and start working on redesigning your smile. Once the porcelain has been fabricated by the lab, additional appointments will be set up to complete the smile makeover process. The number of appointments can vary depending on how many veneers you are getting.

How Can Porcelain Veneers in Markham Change Your Smile?

If the shape or appearance of your teeth has made you less inclined to smile, veneers might be able to help. Porcelain veneers can makeover your smile while boosting your confidence. Designed especially for your smile, porcelain veneers can correct any color, shape, size, or alignment concerns that you might have with your teeth. They allow you to correct your smile without braces or surgery.

By correcting any imperfections with your teeth, you can have a full makeover while preserving the natural integrity of your teeth. Once you have your porcelain veneers, you will find yourself smiling with more confidence, showing off your beautiful smile.

How To Take Care Of Porcelain Veneers

When performing your dental home care, you need to treat your porcelain veneers in Markham the same as you would with teeth without veneers. Underneath the porcelain is your natural tooth that still needs to be brushed and flossed in order to remain healthy. You will need to protect your veneers the same way you protect your natural teeth.

Wear a mouthguard when performing sports to protect your teeth. You should also avoid chewing hard foods that could break a natural tooth as well as a veneer. This will increase the longevity of your veneers. You should also keep up with your regular dental cleanings with our office to keep them polished and maintain their appearance.


Having a great smile is not just about aesthetics, but it can also have a positive impact on your life. At Markham Dental, we offer a range of services including dental crowns and bridges as well as porcelain veneers to help you achieve the smile of your dreams. With our expert team and state-of-the-art technology, we are dedicated to providing top-notch dental care for all our patients. Don't let dental imperfections hold you back from living your best life – book an appointment with us today and start your journey towards a confident, beautiful smile.

Before: On the left the tooth is narrow and worn down. After: Perfect smile!
A patient smiling at a dental appointment.

Dental Crowns And Bridges

Our dentist will help you achieve the smile of your dreams by fixing the colour, alignment, shape, and size of your teeth using porcelain veneers and crowns.