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Offering Teeth-in-a-Day (for immediate results) Offering All-on-4 Dental Implants (superior alternative to traditional denture) Dr. Rubinoff and Dr. Paculanan have decades of experience with dental implants.

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We’ve meticulously crafted the perfect dental implants in Markham

Financing Available

Money shouldn’t stand between you and high quality dental implants. We charge fee guide prices and offer financing solutions from as low as $75/ month so that you don’t have to sacrifice quality because of money.

Quality of Materials and Work

We never sacrifice quality. Our Dental Implants System is one of the best quality on the market. We always do CBCT scan and Digital Scan to ensure optimal results.

Sedation Available

Do you suffer from dental anxiety? No problem! We offer sedation for patients with anxiety so that you can feel relaxed and at ease during your surgery.

Missing teeth can feel uncomfortable, affect speech, ruin smiles, and cause oral health issues later in life – we can help you replace missing teeth with dental implants.

An implant is an artificial tooth root placed in your jawbone to secure a replacement tooth, bridge, or denture. Dental implants feel natural and do not affect neighbouring teeth. Implants are made of titanium metal. Once the insertion of the dental implant is completed, our dentist will place a crown onto this artificial root to resemble a complete looking tooth.

Key Benefits:

  • Secures dentures efficiently
  • Increased comfort
  • Improved bite
  • Looks and feels natural

What we can do for your smile:

  • Straighten malaligned teeth
  • Permanently whiten discoloured teeth
  • Improve the shape and size of your teeth
Before: Patient missing 2 front teeth. After: Perfect smile! Before: Patient missing 4 front teet and showing lots of tooth decay. After: Perfect smile!

Will It Hurt To Install My Dental Implant?

A diagram of showing the implant screen fitted in the jaw.

While it is still considered a form of dental surgery, the placement typically causes very little discomfort. During the procedure, we will use a local anaesthetic. As the numbness wears off, you might experience a little bit of aching, but it should be tolerable.

Following the procedure, you can expect some minor swelling and light tenderness that will go away after a week at the most. Soreness is completely normal. The amount of discomfort that you feel will depend on the length of your procedure as well as the complexity of the case. Other factors that go into the easiness of the procedure are your individual situation, including where the implant is being placed as well as your general oral health.

Who Is A Candidate For Dental Implants Markham

A graphic of dental implants

If you are considering a dental implant, you should first confirm whether you are the right candidate for a dental implant. The first factor is whether you have adequate bone support in the area the implant would be placed. The longer the tooth has been missing, the less bone density there will be in the area. Bone grafts can often offer a solution if this is an issue.

Another major factor is gum health. Patients who suffer from periodontal disease have a higher risk of implant failure due to a lack of gum support or bacteria.

Ideally, you would need good oral and physical health as well as great oral hygiene, including brushing, flossing, and routine dental visits as well as enough bone density in your jaw to support the placement of an implant. The best way to find out whether you are a candidate, however, is to call and schedule an implant consultation with us to review your specific situation and concerns.

How Successful Are Dental Implants

Dental implants are highly successful as long as the patient was an ideal candidate and continues to look after the implant following the surgical placement. The condition of the patient’s oral health, including whether he or she suffers from periodontal (gum) disease can greatly affect the success rate of implants. Certain medical conditions can affect your ability to heal as well, but with the right amount of knowledge before the procedure, we can do everything possible to make an implant a success.

Keeping up with regular dental visits and good home care will help ensure that your implant is a success.

Are Dental Implants in Markham As Strong As Natural Teet

Actually, you might be surprised to discover that in some ways, dental implants are stronger than natural teeth. Dental implants are made from one of the strongest metals in the world: titanium. Implants are not susceptible to cavities like natural teeth are either; meaning the structural integrity of the implant is solid. The implant does need to be well placed within the bone to be strong enough to last as well. Even though the implant is made of a stronger material than natural teeth, patients should not think they do not need to care for the implant.

Keeping the gums and teeth around the implant healthy will help ensure the implant is a success.

A dentist pointing at a tooth x-ray.

Dental Implants

Missing teeth can feel uncomfortable, affect speech, ruin smiles – we can help you replace missing teeth with dental implants.