We’ll help you improve your oral health by extracting unhealthy or aesthetically unattractive teeth to make room for implants or to create healthy space that will improve your smile.

A dentist pointing at a tooth x-ray.

Extractions in Markham

We can help improve your dental health by extracting unattractive and unhealthy teeth. Let Markham Dental create healthy spaces to improve your smile with extractions in Markham that make room for implants.

A tooth might need to be pulled for a number of reasons. These include accidents or injuries as well as impacted wisdom teeth, overcrowding, fractured teeth, decay and gum disease. Extractions can restore function to your mouth and remedy all of these problems.

The Big Benefits:

  • Damaged teeth can be replaced so there is room for an implant.
  • Infection can be prevented by removing decaying or dead teeth.
  • Overcrowding can be relieved by extracting a single tooth.
  • Removing damaged or infected teeth can improve your dental health and the look of your smile.

Here’s some more information you’ll need to have:

Tooth extractions in Markham are the removal of molars from their sockets in the bone. We always try to fix damaged or broken teeth first with a crown, filling or other type of treatment. If fixing the original tooth is impossible, extraction is the most likely option.

Cosmetic treatments sometimes require tooth extractions too. Dental implants are a good example.


What are the other options beside an extraction?

If the tooth is significantly damaged and it cannot be repaired because of decay, having it extracted is usually the best move. This will improve and maintain your dental health.

After a tooth has been pulled, you’ll need to replace it. If missing teeth are not replaced, your jawbone and other bones in your mouth can lose density and weaken. Your other healthy teeth might even shift into the spot, and you can wind up having trouble eating.

There are several options to replace missing teeth.

  • Partial Dentures. These are removable and quite often a clasp is fixed to the denture that can attach itself to your natural teeth. These are made up of replacement teeth that sit affixed to a base. People who have these wear them all day and take them out at night. To ensure a proper fit, follow-up appointments are necessary. This also reduces the chances of patients developing sores. Partial dentures can chip or crack and that makes replacements necessary. Changes in your mouth can also make them become loose.
  • Fixed Bridges. This is another option to pursue after extractions in Markham. These are either bonded or cemented in place and the wearer can’t remove them. The teeth on either side of the gap need to be prepared so they can be connected to the fixed bridge. Dentists generally take an impression. This impression is sent to a laboratory where technicians can use glass, ceramics or metal to make the bridge. Patients where temporary bridges until the permanent ones come in.
  • Dental Implants. Essentially, these are dental anchors attached to crowns. The implant is attached to the upper or lower jaw acting as a root. They are generally stable, secure and act just like original teeth. This makes them a popular option for people who need one tooth or several teeth replaced.

Please read on for some other answers to important questions about tooth extractions.

What’s Involved in The Procedure?

A local anesthetic is used to numb the area around the damage tooth to make sure the patient is comfortable. The process begins after that medicine takes effect. The first step is to enlarge the socket around the damaged tooth. Then our dentists pull gently from side to side until the infected molar comes loose.

Is The Process Painful?

The local anesthetic we use prevents any pain. Patients report feeling only a very minor discomfort and pressure as the tooth is pulled.

Remember that you should avoid hot food and drinks until the anesthetic has worn off. While this medicine is working you cannot feel pain properly and you could scald or burn your mouth. Avoid chewing your cheek as well. This is quite common when people have no feeling in their mouth and can cause other issues.

What Happens After The Extraction?

If there is any bleeding after the procedure, a small stitch might be needed. Otherwise, patients just need to bite down on a cotton pad.

For the first night after your extraction, try to keep your head elevated. Use an extra pillow if that’s possible. Using an old pillowcase is a good idea in case there’s a little blood.

Try not to rinse for the first 24 hours after the extraction. It’s important to give the socket enough time to heal. Avoiding alcohol for the first 24 hours is another good idea since it can delay the healing process.

Are There Risks With Extractions in Markham?

This is a very common and safe procedure. However, like any other dental process, there is a small possibility of minor complications and or mild side effects. These include:

  • Light spotty bleeding and some mild discomfort.
  • Tender gums and or a stiff jaw.
  • Some swelling around the extraction site

Most patients who find they are having these mild side effects will also find they go away very quickly after the extraction is finished.

Is This Covered By Insurance?

The majority of our dental treatments here at Markham Dental are covered by insurance companies. Please call your individual service provider to get a detailed explanation of your policy.

Safe and painless extractions in Markham are just one of the services that we provide here at Markham Dental. Our number one priority is making sure that your dental experience with us is both comfortable and pleasant.

We understand how important a beautiful smile is to your well-being and confidence. That’s why we provide a variety of world-class dentistry services in a comfortable and relaxing environment. Our office uses all of the most modern technology focusing on treatment planning and efficient diagnosis. Take advantage of our complementary consultations today and instant financing.

A dentist pointing at a tooth x-ray.


We’ll help you improve your oral health by extracting unhealthy or aesthetically unattractive teeth to make room for implants or to create healthy space that will improve your smile.