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A nightguard held up to an x-ray of teeth.

Clenching & Grinding (Bruxism)

Do you frequently wake up with jaw pain or headaches? Do you experience tension in your neck and back muscles? You may be suffering from clenching and grinding of teeth, also known as bruxism. This can lead to not only dental issues, but also affect the overall quality of life. At Markham Dental, we offer custom-made night guards and sports guards to help stop clenching and grinding for a healthier mouth and an improved well-being.

Understanding Clenching & Grinding

Clenching and grinding occurs when teeth are clenched or ground together, often during sleep. This can happen due to misaligned teeth, stress, anxiety, or other factors. It puts excessive pressure on the teeth and jaw muscles, leading to various problems such as worn-down teeth, jaw pain, headaches, neck and back pain, and even migraines.

The Importance of Night Guards

Night guards are custom-made oral appliances that fit comfortably over your teeth. They serve as a protective barrier between the upper and lower teeth, preventing them from coming into contact with each other during sleep. This helps to reduce the pressure on the jaw muscles and prevents any further damage to the teeth caused by grinding.

Benefits of Night Guards

Custom-made night guards offer numerous benefits for patients suffering from clenching and grinding, including:

  • Relief from jaw and facial pain
  • Reduction in migraines and headaches
  • Alleviation of neck and back pain
  • An alternative to medication for pain relief
  • Protects teeth from wear and tear caused by clenching and grinding

Sports Guards for Active Lifestyles

If you lead an active lifestyle or participate in high-contact sports, it is essential to protect your teeth with a customized sports mouth guard. Our sports guards provide a protective barrier for your teeth and gums, reducing the risk of injury during physical activities.

How Do I Know if My Bite Alignment is Causing Other Pain in My Body?

If you experience pain in other areas of your body, such as the head, neck, or back, and are unsure if it is related to your bite alignment, consult with us. Our team will conduct a thorough examination and provide you with a proper course of action.

Treatment for Clenching and Grinding

At Markham Dental, we offer various treatments for clenching and grinding, depending on the severity of the condition. These include:

  • Bite rehabilitation: This involves realigning the teeth to ensure they meet harmoniously, reducing pressure and relieving pain.
  • Night appliance: For milder cases, a custom-made night guard can help prevent further damage to the teeth and provide relief from pain and discomfort.

Insurance Coverage for Treatment

Most of our treatments, including night guards and bite rehabilitation, are covered by the majority of insurance companies. For a detailed explanation of your coverage, please contact your service provider.

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If you are experiencing symptoms of clenching and grinding, or are looking to protect your teeth during physical activities, do not hesitate to schedule an appointment with us. Our dedicated team at Markham Dental will provide you with personalized care and treatment options to ensure a healthier and pain-free smile. Call or book an appointment online today! Remember, protecting your teeth today will benefit you tomorrow.

A nightguard held up to an x-ray of teeth.

Night And Mouth Guards

We’ll help you stop clenching and grinding for healthier teeth, gums and jaw.