Wisdom Teeth Removal

Reduce current (or future) pain and protect the rest of your mouth with our safe, painless and effective wisdom teeth removal treatment.

A dentist examining a patient teeth and gums.

Protecting the rest of your mouth from current or future pain is easy with our painless, effective and safe wisdom teeth removal in Markham treatments.

These can cause decay, crowding and infection. What’s more, wisdom teeth aren’t necessary to your mouth’s structure. They are also called third molars and they are the last ones to erupt in your mouth. Most appear somewhere between your 17th and 25th birthday. Other people never develop them. Some wisdom teeth erupt in a normal fashion and cause no issues like other molars.

However, they can become impacted when they don’t have enough room to develop or erupt normally. One that’s impacted can grow towards a second molar or at an odd angle facing the back of the mouth. These teeth can also grow at right angles to your other ones and appear to be lying down inside your jawbone.

Some wisdom teeth grow properly up and down but stay trapped within your jaw.

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Issues With Impacted Wisdom Teeth

It’s likely that you need to have your wisdom teeth pulled if you suffer from any of the following issues:

  • Pain. An impacted wisdom tooth can push against one of its neighbors. That can damage the other tooth and increase the risk of infection which can lead to severe pain.
  • Gum Disease. Wisdom teeth that are partially erupted or impacted are difficult to clean. When food or debris gets trapped behind them, your gums can become inflamed and you can suffer from a condition called pericoronitis.
  • Cysts: Any wisdom tooth can develop a tiny sac that sits within the jawbone. This sac can fill up with fluid over time and cause damage to the nerves, teeth and the jawbone itself. When this happens, wisdom teeth removal in Markham becomes necessary.

There are some other simple benefits to having them removed.

  • Removal can prevent crowding. Impacted wisdom teeth can cause a domino effect. When these third molars can’t erupt properly, they come in on an angle. That puts a consistent force on the other teeth that can cause crowding.
  • Removing impacted wisdom teeth can prevent decay and infection

More Information

Simple extractions can be done using a local anesthetic. However, more complicated surgeries might need to be referred forward to an oral surgeon. The recovery usually only takes two or three days. Following are some of the things that you can expect during the procedure.


Must all my wisdom teeth be removed?

Some of our patients don’t need to have any of these teeth removed. That’s because they don’t pose any potential dental health risks.

However, you’ll more than likely need our wisdom teeth removal in Markham services if you suffer from the following symptoms:

  • A partially erupted one that’s decayed.
  • Any damage to surrounding bone or a nearby tooth.
  • Food or other to debris that gets trapped.
  • Gum disease or other infections.
  • Complications with teeth straightening treatments

Sometimes predicting future problems with wisdom teeth that are impacted can be an issue. That’s why we will recommend preventative treatments in some situations.

The problems with wisdom teeth also can be symptom-free. For example, they can still harbor disease. If there isn’t enough room for a wisdom tooth to erupt, it can’t be cleaned properly.

What Age is Best?

The general rule is the sooner the better. However, serious complications don’t happen as often in younger people. On the other hand, older adults can find surgery difficult and quite often need to deal with more complications after. A consultation with our dental team can help you decide what’s best.

Will my Insurance Cover the Surgery?

Most insurance companies cover our wisdom teeth removal in Markham treatments. Calling your service provider will get you a detailed explanation.

After the Surgery?

If you receive general anesthesia or the sedation variety, you’ll be taken to the recovery room after your surgery. With local anesthesia, your recovery time will be brief and spent right in the dental chair.

While you are healing from the procedure, please follow our instructions on:


You might find some blood oozing from the surgical site on the first day. Avoiding excessive spitting is important. You don’t want to dislodge the blood clot. We will give you specific instructions about replacing gauze over the surgical site.

Dental Hygiene

No brushing, rinsing or using mouthwash for the first 24 hours. You can resume brushing after that time frame but you’ll need to be gentle around the affected area . A warm salt water rinse can be used every two hours after you eat a meal for the first week.

Generally, you can drink a lot of water after the procedure. Stay away from caffeinated, carbonated or alcoholic beverages for the first 24 hours. Don’t use a straw for at least a week. The sucking motion can pull a blood clot from the socket.

There might not be any stitches after your wisdom teeth are removed. Or we might use the kind that dissolve after a few weeks.

Give us a call immediately if you experience any of these symptoms or signs.

  • A bad taste that doesn’t go away with the salt water rinse.
  • Excessive bleeding and/or a fever.
  • Difficulty breathing or swallowing.
  • Swelling that gets worse after several days.
  • A persistent loss of feeling or numbness.
  • Pus or blood in any nasal discharges

If there are no stitches that need to be removed and no complications, you might not need a follow-up appointment after wisdom teeth removal in Markham. Keep an eye out for any persistent issues like numbness, swelling or pain. These problems can indicate nerve damage, an infection or other issues.

Here at Markham Dental, new patients are always welcome. We have an excellent range of options provided by our hygienists and dentists. You’ll get the highest quality of care when you use our dental services.

A dentist examining a patient teeth and gums.

Wisdom Teeth Removal

Protecting the rest of your mouth from current or future pain is easy with our painless, effective and safe wisdom teeth removal in Markham treatments.